September 14-16, 2016

September 14-16, 2016

September 14-16, 2016

at the California NanoSystems Institute, UCLA
4th Annual Mobility and Modern Web Conference

Presented by the UCLA Office of Information Technology, in association with higher ed and corporate partners, MMWCon will feature two days of exciting sessions, followed by a day of hands-on workshops, covering the latest trends of mobility and the modern web.

Code for the Mission award ceremony will take place at MMWCon on September 15 2016
What is MMWCon?

MMWCon is about gathering educators, mobile enthusiasts, technologists, strategists, disruptors and innovators together to get a “glimpse” of what’s next and how we can get there together as a community and even a society. Attendees include mobile strategic thinkers, educators and instructional designers, researchers as well as entrepreneurs who want to connect with their peers and engage with the most interesting mobile and future tech innovations of our time.

MMWCon Themes

Sensors, Wearables and Accessibility applications

Mobility, personalization and the hi-touch frontier of apps & the web

mHealth, machine learning and blending data into dashboards

Open communities, standards and collaborative technologies

Learning Analytics and Digital Credentialing

Mobilize Yourself!

This conference is about you!

Meet people, network, build your team and get involved

Bring your app ideas, challenges and dreams

Learn about mobile pilots and gamification strategies

Develop new strategies and skills

What people are saying...

An excellent conference. Well organized; great speakers. Very professional.

I came to learn more about gamification, interoperability and to network with peers. Taking place, physically at UCLA and discussing educational technology was essential, but also incorporating business/industry outside higher ed is what set this conference apart from all others.

I thought the keynotes were really inspiring

The dual-track schedule is much better than other multi-track schedules I find

Really really enjoyed the conference. Content and speakers were great.

The informational sessions were outstanding. The opportunity to share and collaborate in casual forums before and between sessions was also extremely helpful. As a marketer with some programming background, it was a very beneficial to delve more into the development and research analyst side of digital technology. The Keynote presentations helped in fulfilling my hopes of getting ideas based on what's trending/important/upcoming in education and education technology

It was a lot of (fantastic) information packed into a few days

I learned a lot in the sessions, enjoyed meeting new people, and the workshops that I went to were very instructional

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