A Global University Experience: how The Minerva Schools at KGI’s Technology allows its Students to become Global Citizens

We live in a global world, where the global economy is inextricably linked and our communications are distributed in seconds thanks to ubiquitous technology. We strive to develop global-minded students, capable of becoming positive and productive citizens who will be able to take on the grand challenges of the world that we bequeath them. Learn how The Minerva Schools at the Keck Graduate Institute are leveraging technology to support and enable an intensive four-year educational experience designed specifically to prepare students for success in the ever-evolving global context. Students live and learn in seven of the world’s greatest cities during four years of rigorous study and experiential learning.


Key Points
  • 1. Global-minded students
  • 2. Productive citizens
  • 3. Student success
  • 1. Global context learning
  • 2. Technology and learning

Tech Deep-Dive-Demo

Technical Level


  • Open communities, standards and collaborative technologies
  • Learning Analytics and Digital Credentialing