The Next 5 Years: Working Together To Build The Next Generation Digital Learning Environment Through Technology, Data and Partnerships

  • Jason Palmer
  • Deputy Director, Postsecondary Success, Gates Foundation
  • Gates Foundation

We live in a digital age. Students deserve digital and blended learning experiences that are personalized to their needs and powered by platforms that empower educators. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is focused on supporting evidence-based teaching and learning tools, practices and platforms that can help every student succeed, especially the least advantaged among us. In a world where 2/3 of all new jobs require a college credential, we need to do things differently, not just better. Jason Palmer, Deputy Director of Postsecondary Success at that Gates Foundation will share how the Foundation’s investments in a new generation of adaptive courseware are already improving student outcomes, and how learning science and learning analytics are improving student progression and graduation rates. We’ll also discuss the key roles that IMS Global and EDUCAUSE are playing to improve interoperability and data standards to catalyze a thriving ecosystem of rich plug and play educational tools, and look into the future to envision how mobile, virtual reality and game-based learning might offer new opportunities to generate rich data about students’ progress and challenge them with truly awesome digital learning experiences in the near future. Let’s build a rich, interconnected, equitable future together.


Key Points
  • 1. Learning Platforms
  • 2. Digital Learning Environment
  • 3. Data and Partnerships
  • 1. Digital Learning
  • 2. Blended Learning

Interactive Presentation

Technical Level


  • Open communities, standards and collaborative technologies
  • Learning Analytics and Digital Credentialing