Come and hear how UCLA’s new Center for SMART Health will leverage mobile technology, big data analytics, sensors and medical robotics to risk-stratify population, predict outcomes, and improve lives and independence of patients and family members.

  • Arash Naeim
  • Chief Medical Officer for Clinical Research, Co-Director, Center for SMART Health
  • UCLA

UCLA’s new Center for SMART (Systematic, Measurable, Actionable, Resilient and Technology-driven Health) Health is fostering collaboration among engineers, computer scientists, clinicians and biomedical researchers. Research teams are collaborating on mobile technology, big data analytics, screening technologies and medical robotics in order to address challenges in the way health care is delivered. Dr. Arash Naeim will share some of the Center’s first projects and highlight the SMART Home Lab, a mock residence where researchers can simulate patients’ responses to treatment and the reliability and resilience of home health sensors. He will discuss the flexibility, adaptability and mobility of wearable and remote health systems in risk stratifying, monitoring and delivering information to patients without requiring time-consuming and costly clinical visits. UCLA’s SMART Health Center will be a real game changer, and it will open the door for innovative joint ventures with technology companies and the health care industry.


Key Points
  • 1. SMART Health
  • 2. Mobile Technology
  • 3. Big Data Analytics
  • 1. UCLA’s new Center for SMART Health projects
  • 2. Innovative Joint Ventures

Tech Deep-Dive-Demo

Technical Level


  • Sensors, Wearables and Accessibility applications
  • Mobility, personalization and the hi-touch frontier of apps & the web
  • mHealth, machine learning and blending data into dashboards